IUE-SUNY Dual Degree Programs

Student Opinions

Emel Yelkenbiçer (Student at IUE - SUNY Cortland DDP Economics Department)

"I do not believe that just knowing a foreign language is enough in the world that the local economies have become global, and the global economy is ruled by international companies. It is more important to live in a foreign country, and learn its culture, life style, education system and trade life. The cooperation between the Izmir University of Economics and SUNY highly avails this. Moreover, we step into the business life with the advantage of having dual diplomas. Therefore, I am very pleased with the education I receive."


İsmail Yaran (Student at IUE - SUNY New Paltz DDP Business Administration Department)

"The most important reason for me to choose this program is that it executes an international program. I learned many things in the few months I spent in New York. Being in contact with foreign lecturers and students changed my point of view and widened my horizon. I feel that I am able to foresee many things. As soon as I graduate, I want to take part in a company established by Turkish-American association."

İsmail Yaran

Kübra Yelekoğlu (Student at IUE - SUNY Cortland DDP Economics Department)

"The main reason for me to choose this department is to start to the business life in an adventageous manner after graduation. I think that specially having two diplomas is a big plus. Additionally, I believe that living in a foreign country and recognizing different cultures will develop me. Therefore, I am very happy with the education I take."

Kubra Yelekoğlu