IUE-SUNY Dual Degree Programs

DDP Public Relations and Advertising (IUE-SUNY Fredonia)

The first and unique dual diploma program in the field of public relations and advertising is opened by collaboration of IUE and SUNY Fredonia Campus in the 2008/2009 academic year. The program offers two diplomas, one from SUNY Fredonia and one from IUE and lasts in four years excluding the English preparatory class. Students follow first and third year courses in Izmir University of Economics, second and fourth year in Fredonia Campus.

Curriculum of the program has been designed to teach students theoretical and practical information in the fields of public relations and advertising by analyzing different examples from Turkey and USA. Dual Diploma Program in Public Relations and Advertising is a privileged program which offers students an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the competitive environment also to work for multinational companies. Students who complete the program successfully can work in both national and international companies as public relations, advertising and communication manager or corporate communication coordinator, copy writer, media planning and buying specialist, brand manager, brand communication specialist, and integrated marketing communication specialist.

In addition, there are also opportunities for the exchange of students and academic staff.

Program Coordinator: Asst.Prof.Dr. Sema MİSÇİ KİP