IUE-SUNY Dual Degree Programs

DDP Business Administration (IUE-SUNY New Paltz)

In today’s environment of tremendous competition and dynamic market conditions, institutions can achieve sustainability only through seeing the world as the marketplace rather than concentrating on their local markets. Hence, getting to know international markets in addition to local markets is a crucial requirement for business students to achieve their career objectives. In parallel to this requirement, “internationalization of business education” has been the contemporary motto for business schools worldwide.

Dual Diploma Program in Business Administration provides an opportunity for international development to business students who in turn will become the prospective managers in the international business world. The program helps students to develop skills such as cultural intelligence and effective problem solving so that they can add value to the institutions they will work for as managers in the near future.

The students who are enrolled in the program will complete part of the required courses at Izmir University of Economics campus and the rest at SUNY, New Paltz campus. The program covers a period of four years. The first year will be completed at Izmir University of Economics. In the following years, the students will take fall courses at Izmir University of Economics and the spring courses at SUNY, New Paltz. Students who are able to complete the program successfully will be receiving Bachelor of Science in Business Administration diplomas from both campuses.

Through the dual diploma program, students will get the opportunity to know both Turkish and American undergraduate education systems in addition to having the opportunity to compare the two cultures gaining skills necessary to work in international markets.

Program Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bonalyn NELSEN