IUE-SUNY Dual Degree Programs

DDP Psychology (IUE SUNY-Fredonia)

Psychology has a privileged place, since it is one of the few fields that have the feature to be the primary application areas of today and future on both local and international level. Because of this privileged nature, İzmir University of Economics has initiated Department of Psychology International Dual Diploma Program. By this way, it is aimed that the students would have the privilege to embrace the universe with the knowledge and skills that they attain in their four-year undergraduate program.

With the cooperation of İzmir University of Economics Department of Psychology and State University of New York (SUNY) Fredonia Campus Department of Psychology, the students will study at İzmir University of Economics in the first two years and they will study at State University of New York Fredonia Campus in the last two years and receive the Psychology Undergraduate Diploma of both universities. State University of New York Fredonia Campus Department of Psychology is approved Higher Education Council and it is a program that offers high-quality education opportunities. The students that participate in the program will both receive a good education and have the chance to learn and experience different cultures.
This cooperation between IUE and SUNY-Fredonia does not only provide student exchange, it also provides opportunities like academician exchange between the two universities, adapting course programs, and sharing experiences. These opportunities are beneficial for the students of both universities in terms of attaining international knowledge and experience.

Our graduates will be advantageous in life in both United States and Turkey with their prestigious diplomas.